A home cleaning checklist is a staple to every home owner. We always aim to teach people smarter ways to clean their homes. While services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning & duct cleaning should be done by professionals, there are a multitude of things that people can do by themselves to ensure their home is clean and hygienic.

Here is a checklist of things people miss most often when cleaning their homes:

  1. Clean Tile And Grout.
  2. Clean soap scum.
  3. Wipe down natural stone.
  4. Look in nooks and crannies for kid’s toys.
  5. Clean light fixtures and sconce’s.
  6. Clean exterior light fixtures.
  7. Clean exterior walls.
  8. Clean dishwasher (to remove lingering odor).
  9. Wipe down all garbage cans.
  10. wipe down smaller appliances.
  11. Carpet Cleaning


When to call professional cleaning:

  1. Clean the upholstery on old furniture.
  2. Chimney and fireplace cleaning.
  3. Dryer vent cleaning.

Hope our home cleaning checklist was of help. If you have any other questions, feel free to Reach out to us and well be able to take care of everything for you & for any other cleaning needs or junk removal, reach out to our sister company Cleaning Maid.

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